Ayder Plateau Hot Springs

The Ayder Plateau, located at the Çamlıhemşin district of Rize and under its own hometown, is not only attracted by its nature and its visitors. At the same time, the healing Hot Springs are also of interest.

Ayder springs are beneficial in the treatment of many diseases with sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron-aluminum, sulphate, chloride and many more minerals. Located only 18 km away from Çamlıhemşin district center, the facility is a road that every visitor to the region must visit in a short period of time. Here you can feel real rest and make your trip enjoyable.

Having an average water temperature of 50 degrees, Ayder hot spring has an effect on various complaints, especially rheumatism and calcification. The fact that the water reaches out to the surface on an average of 260 meters is proof of its quality. If we talk about disturbances other than rheumatism and arthritis, we can also refer to urinary tract and reproductive disorders.

Eczema, psoriasis and digestive disorders can also be included in this list. In short, Ayder Hot Spring is healing you on the Black Sea tour and preparing a perfect environment for you to come back as rested. If you lose yourself with the natural beauties of Ayder Plateau and you have a wonderful time with your delicious meals, then you will find a cure with Ayder Hot Spring and you will have a short break in life on the Black Sea tour.

If each of us today is thought to have spent its days with an intense tempo, we all need it. All you have to do is to throw yourself in this area at the first opportunity.

Do not be afraid of accommodation in Ayder Plateau. Ayder Plateau, which has become one of the most popular regions of the world, is waiting for you with quality of each other. In addition, hot springs hotels will be an attractive option for those seeking accommodation in this region.

You will find the same comfort of Ayder Hotels as well as the hot spring hotels. Moreover, if you come to the hot spring with the intention of healing, accommodation in this area may be more appealing to you. Feeling home comfort is undoubtedly very important.

Ayder hot springs and hot spring hotels invite you to value yourself and pause your life!