How to get to Ayder Plateau

There are various alternatives to reach Ayder Plateau.

Trabzon airport can be used with direct flights from major cities with air transportation, you can rent a car at the airport, you can travel with private companies that provide transfer services or you can reach to Ardeşen district within 1-2 hours with Havaş service and reach to Ayder Plateau with collective taxi.

We advise you to use the transfer service if you are going to holiday with your family or your friend group. You can also reach by intercity bus service, daily bus services to Rize / Pazar district are conducted from most cities of our country.

When you arrive to the Pazar district you can reach to the Ayder Plateau by minibuses. Alternatively, you can reach it by your own car using the Black Sea coast road. Distance between some of our cities and the average kilometers between them.

From Istanbul: 1.220 km
From Ankara: 890 km
From İzmir: 1490 km

Another option is to provide daily access to the places of the Black Sea with the options offered by the company in this transportation option with the daily and weekly options of the Black Sea Plateau offered by the companies that make the tour in the Black Sea and if you have Ayder Plateau in the tour option you have taken, you can reach it including accomodation.

Whichever option you choose, you can provide a convenient transportation. When you start your journey to Ayder Plateau, you will feel the effect of natural air conditioning when you enter the storm valley and suddenly the air changes.

You will have a 38 km journey to Ayder Plateau, you can see every tune of green, you can see the organic tea gardens as the only place that snowes on the world. When you get to Ayder Plateau, you will start to make the holiday plan of the next year with the beauty of your nature.

You can get help by contacting us to get transportation and accommodation services.