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Ayder Plateau is at the forefront of the preferred springs for increasing demand for nature tourism.
Ayder to get away from your accommodation needs, to have a comfortable holiday, to take the stress of the city
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Ayder Plateau gives you peace of green first. In an endless plateau, we see the full glimpse of the nature as if it had come out of the hands of an artist. Then you look at the sky, redefine the blue color and take in the fresh air, admire the nature long long walks.
Ayder Plateau draws you in so much that you will dive into the view while sipping your tea. Because you feel you really live here, you know that you are close to nature, away from the noise of the city. On top of the storm Vadisin, you can hold your breath and see yourself in a 13th century story when you see the Bell Castle at a height of 750 meters above a huge rock.
Ayder Plateau will give you more than you expect, you feel it in the first few seconds.
Healing with unique spas ...
Laz Böreği is made with dough that opens on the ground floor every day you want to eat, you can not give up the taste. You can not get enough of the flavor of the Red Pulled Alabalığ made by frying

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