Ayder Honey

Ayder Plateau, which fascinates the people with its natural beauty, is also memorable in tourist attractions, with its delicious tastes and. Besides this, Ayder Honey is one of them.

Ayder Honey is a very special kind of honey which is differentiated with its color and flavor. In the world only Rize, the storm valley located in the town of Çamlıhemşin has the most important features of honey with its unique flora.

The Ayder Plateau is composed of 450-500 kinds of flowers with flora cover of the storm valley and 80-90 of these varieties are composed of endemic flowers. Therefore, this diversity is only possible in Ayder Plateau and finally a special flavor is found in the region.

The Ayder Plateau has an international reputation not only in our country but also in various countries with its honey, panacea. The Ayder Plateau nature, which wakes up every year with the arrival of the spring season, will bring out great tales when it comes in the middle of August.

If we talk about Ayder Honey and its benefits, we should not first mention the effect of various pain and relieving the pain. Ayder Plateau, which is used for the early closure of surgical wounds, rapid healing of oral wounds, treatment of lung diseases, removal of tonsil inflammation and treatment of skin disorders, at the same time cleanses blood, strengthens bones, strengthens immune system and strengthens memory. Its efficiency in treating Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are also very popular among people.

Having gained a global reputation with all these benefits, Ayder Honey can be reached with a magnificent Ayder Plateau tour. You can also plan your journey through the Rize with a wonderful nature tour in the Black Sea and you can buy real Ayder Honey by this meand. Otherwise, you should know that every honey will not be Ayder Plateau's Honey.

If you want to have this value which is the natural product of Ayder Plateau, you can find Ayder Honey produced by the direct producer in the Plateau visit.

Ayder Honey is produced only in storm valleys and in springtime...